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so, i'm back at school now, finally mostly settled in. Lindenwood is AMAZING! omg, everything we 'complained' about last year has happened and it's amazing. the only thing that is still worth complaining about is unisex-ness.. but, that's a given. So, we have e-mail addresses.. and we're all on a network! YAY! facebook here i come.. once it re-approves us. i don't know, that's just one example, but i'm super excited about everything. it's all looking up.
thinking about where i was last year at this time, and where i am now - it's a dramatic difference, and i'm MUCH HAPPIER now, it's nice.
my room is awesome, btw, yes, awesome it is. everyone should be jealous. lol. sorry to all my friends that i haven't been able to get back to - we've been working day and night trying to get this dorm ready and going to meetings and stuff - plus trying to get myself moved in and settled in. i'm sooo sorry, i love you guys - please, believe me!

okay, more later, almost bedtime i'm so worn out!

Avatar sosteph
08-22-05 14:46
Yeah.. Still waiting for a call-back love.
Avatar dancebear8504
08-22-05 22:48
you know how bad i am at that! but you know how much a i love you!
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