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hi guys. wow, tired. I had first day of sophomore year today. woot woot.. and the race begins!
I have 8 am on MWF - but it's nice because i'm done by 12.. which leaves a nice break to work or relax before Lionettes practice! T/R I don't have class until 11! yay! i'm stayin' up tonight. haha. no, i won't - I think i'll get up and work out tomorrow.
oh man, the selection of men is AMAZING. ::sigh:: This is insane - i'm not used to this. yippy. I don't know what to do about michael - we're still talking everyday, but i know that if I started talking to someone - he'd probably get a little jealous - not mad jealous, just jealous - and i don't wanna make him sad or anything.

btw, I love Lindenwood. yes, i LOVE it. It's so awesome. it's getting better everyday - these people are awesome! :-D yay!!

i've been sooooooooo busy and today was only my first day - i just need to get back into the swing of things. o man, RA + Lionettes + Alpha Phi Omega + social life + 18 credit hours.. insaneness!

okie dokie, i'm so sorry to everyone I haven't talked to, really i am, i think about you everyday.. tomorrow i might have some relax time. ::sigh::
<3 you ALL!!!
<3 Steph

Avatar sosteph
08-24-05 11:48
I miss you. :(
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