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singledom is the best thing in the world! haha, especially when you're pimpin' all over the U.S. like me. haha. niice.
Eric leaves on friday.. for egypt (then i can say pimpin' all over the world!) and i'm a little sad and scared. :-( I've started talking to him more lately, and i've begun to fall again, he's just so perfect. ::sigh::
i still talk to micheal in omaha. we don't talk as much (we're both busy) and i can tell he's a little bummed about it, as am i. but i think i was more prepared for it to happen than he was.
i've met soooo many people these 1st 2 weeks, it's been amazing! shawn, dallas, bob, jake, brandon, tommy, tony... hehe, it keeps going. but they're all just nice guy friends to hang out with. and soo many awesome girls in this dorm and on the team!! yay!!!
i should go to sleep now, hopefully more details soon, when i find a substantial amount of time (should be around christmas break time!)

<3 Steph

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