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eric e-mailed me.
and called me.
from egypt.

soo confusing and difficult.


how did i not meet guys like i'm meeting now back then. guys that treat me like a human being, that know how to treat girls, and care about it. i'm very thankful I have, it's helped me be okay with not having a friendship with ben. but where were they? I wish I would have known sooner that not all guys are so.. i can't even describe it.


i can't believe he called me. from egypt.

and michael - such the sweetheart, I love talking to him.. and hanging out with him, when i did. :-(


Avatar gripewater
09-21-05 09:38
durr durr durr
You have tried, your offer for friendship has been refused over and over again!

You need to accept this as part of his problem, NOT YOURS. Perhaps it is sad and a little infuriating but no matter how he spells; it it boils down to his immaturity (no matter what he tries to call it) and one last dig at you.

You need to stop trying. It is not worth it and that has been proved.

On another note:
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