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sitting around.. decided to make a post, a meaningful one, or one that was me actually journaling.. not surveying!

Well, these past couple weeks have been HARD, holy crap. lots of shit piled on top of each other. Too many tests and papers and practices and matrix's and blah blah blah. Tuesday, though, it will alll be over, for about 2 days, phew! Actually, I don't know when it will start up again, but I vow to stay on top of my reading these last units, this unit in history I pretty much slacked, woops.. i'll study it some other time, so.. meh. History test monday, english paper tuesday.. after that? what? early bday celebration? every night party? HOPEFULLY! woot woot! lynsey promised some good ol' craziness! :-D I'm excited!! I need to relax next weekend because these past two weekends have sucked.. really.. bad.
Oh, and registration for spring 06 is in 2 weeks... and guess what Stephani has figured out? o, she's not graduating in spring 08, it's impossible. damn near impossible to graduate in 4 years with a concentration of:
history (secondary AND middle school education)
social studies minor
dance minor
but, you ask, is it all necessary? yes, yes it is. teaching is a hard job to get, especially history it seems, so yea, I gotta have all those credentials - i've even been considering getting certified in special ed.. but, I think that'll be a no-go.Bridget and I love each other, but I don't know if I could do what I do with her a career, you know? Because that would be the first thing I would get hired for, almost guaranteed. But, yea, Basically, I MIGHT get outta here in 5 years... if I keep going with jterm (and i will) and take overload a few semesters.. like, the next one. shit. So, Lynsey and I have been talking about summer classes.. and how I could stay on campus for free over the summer and get one class paid for, if I work for work and learn 40 hours a week. but, holy crap.. then when would i work for actual money? so, I think that idea is fading for me.. but I know I need to do something this summer too... I need to save up. Plus, I can't stay in STL over the summer, i wouldn't see my big-o, or my momma.. and i need to see her. and i need to see everyone. and I need to make money. alot of money. alot. I'm very thankful that I have the chance to work both jobs now. I'm trying to make my schedule work so that I can work even more hours at the Y, and stay at blockbuster like i am now... it would be amazing! This weekend is good because I got paid today (friday) and i'm getting paid on monday! woot woot! i'm happy! but, I CAN'T spend it! ahh!! it'll be hard - have you been to payless or gordman's or tj maxx or kohl's lately? :-( but, i'm a grownup now, I have to save money. lol. ugh.

one AWESOME thing i'm looking forward to???? STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!! and HARRY POTTER!! omg, it's gonna be great!! i can't wait to show her st. chuck and LU and everything around! and we're gonna see harry potter with a lotta people at the IMAX! :-D delightful!

okay, i should go to sleep... 1:30 football game tomorrow.. go lions!
and go 'skers!

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