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hello all.
it's been a while. i apologize..if you care.
i need to get my tongue barbell changed, it's starting to hurt the underside of my mouth.
i'm sitting in the Young computer lab.. waiting for daniel to get out of class, so i can say hi-bye!
he has an interview with the Y in an hour, i'm excited for him.it's nice to be with someone who is seriously driven, almost like me..but not quite, cuz i'm just crazy.
yes, we're together together. :-D
i'm sleepy today, but i got up for work! AND physics! i might not have to take the physics final - that would be amazing!!! :-D
i had a good time in Omaha, for Thanksgiving break.
but, I feel like it's my vacation home sometimes, you know? i feel like this place is MY home. strange. stange indeed.
I love the Huskers. I facebooked a few players and confessed that love, they haven't messaged me back, haha.
There's a girl in here talking the the police department about somebody hiding their guilt.. crazy. I don't really know.
His birthday is this weekend. I have decided what to do. Should I live by an eye for an eye? or, just be civil and nice? I don't know. I'll probably lean toward civil and nice, but not akward. no phone. he'd probably come through it and kill me.
I thought I lost my roommate, but I found her this morning, when I had to leave for physics. But, she had to go to work, so I hope we can talk sometime soon, I'm sure we have a TON to catch up on.
It was good seeing Abby and Donna last night. :-) They are awesome. I wish I could've sat around with them longer and talked, hopefully soon we can do that. I was a little stressed last night. I stayed out until 3.. I had to leave for work at 6.. welcome home steph! "I'm glad to be back!"
Okie dokie. I think that's it.

Have a WONDERFUL tuesday everyone!

Avatar bluefeenx *
11-29-05 10:29
What kind of barbell do you have right now? The long ones (longer than 1 inch) are uncomfortable for me... And its Tuesday! Hell yeah!!
Avatar dancebear8504
11-29-05 13:39
yea, i've still got that damn piercing one in, so, it's too long. haha. i've had it a month on the third, so, they'll change it for me then. finally.
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