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I know I haven't been here in a while... at least on my name, but I felt I had something worth while of an elowel post.
i found a place to live this summer! I will be living in Fenton, MO in a bedroom suite with Linda and Hope. I'm very excited!!! I will have a full size bed for the first time in my life! and I will be living 'on my own' so to speak. It's going to be amazing. Of course I'll miss Omaha and my family, but I will visit Omaha a couple times at least. But, right now, I'm just looking forward to spending this summer with my friends and with the people that I want to spend time getting to know more.

Another VERY exciting thing for me right now... I'm in like. :-) I think this is a real like-unlike the other two horrible excuses for guys earlier. He's amazing. No matter what we're doing, we're having fun... or at least I am. But, I'm pretty sure he is too! He's already introduced me to so many fun, cool things, and I'm always excited to talk to him again and find out something new about him. It's like my own discovery channel - haha. But really.. I just can't wait to talk to him again to find out more of what he's like and to let him get to know me more. This summer, hopefully we will spend time together and have the best summer of my life! I'm looking forward to it being pretty awesome. And I'm almost positive he will not let me down. Is a few weeks too soon to be talking like this? Oh well.. it's how I feel! There are so many questions I want to ask him.. but things I don't want to bring up and freak him out or anything, but I'm just curious. ::sigh:: :-)

Well, that was silly.. :-D I have refound my love of Damien Rice lately - and I'm loving it! And I'm discovering new music.. also very fun.

Only a few things pounding on my brain right now and making me ponder. I'll talk to mom - see what she says! She'll give the best honest advice.. and I'll pair that with the girls (the other BEST advice) to see what I should do. :- :-)

Well, Good night! Perhaps once school is over, I will journal more... maybe.

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